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The Brief 

At Dragon Signs, the team realigned their business in order to provide other organisations with support and equipment during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. They began to produce and supply businesses with desk divides, face visors, sneeze screens, protective signage and more. Although they were promoting the protective equipment on socials, they wanted to make sure that all of their customers were aware that their business was now offering these services. Dragon asked us to help make that happen.  


The Approach 

Our aim was to produce a beautiful document that could be easily digested whilst reaching as many of Dragon’s customers and prospects as possible. We knew the best way to do this was to create a mailshot that would be dedicated to informing Dragon’s customers of the new protective equipment they were supplying.  

 Although providing information about products, we didn’t want the piece to read as sales motivated. We wanted it to be an informative and sensitive piece with the intention of reassuring Dragon’s customers that they can provide a helping hand during the pandemic. We did this by using a tone that was considered and sensitive and ensuring the product information was not at the forefront of the piece.  

 As well as making sure we nailed the copy, it was really important that this document looked goodso it would look more like a brochure and less like a Word document. This was achieved by using brand colours, block formatting and strong imagery.  


The Results 

The team were really impressed by the standard of the document and it was sent on to 2,000 customers and was opened by an impressive 1,146  

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