Dragon Signs – Motion Graphic


The Brief

Dragon Signs realigned their business during the Covid-19 pandemic and began producing and distributing protective screens in order to aid a safe return to the workplace. They were busy fitting these polycarbonate screens all over the UK but had one problem – customers weren’t sure how to fit the screens to their desks. Dragon asked us to think about the best way to provide customers with clear and concise directions of how to do so.

The Approach

Video content has stormed through the industry, so we instantly knew this tutorial should take the form of a video motion piece. Firstly, because it is a more engaging form of content and secondly because it was the most efficient and effective way to show Dragon’s customers how to install the screens.

The process was as follows:

  • We started the process by heading to Dragon’s HQ to shoot the content for the video – in both video & image form.
  • We edited together the short videos to form a cohesive video and ending in a call to action.
  • Then, we added overlays, graphics and copy to the video to ensure it was engaging, on brand and easy to digest.
  • We finished by adding music to the video & writing the caption for socials.
  • We distributed the video on all of Dragon’s social channels and saw some really impressive engagement rates.

The Results

  • Facebook – 3,654 accounts reached. 1,757 views. 284 engagements.
  • Instagram – 307 accounts reached. 188 views. 307 impressions.
  • Twitter – 35 likes. 5 replies. 7 retweets.
  • LinkedIn – 14% engagement rate. 992 views. 409 impressions.

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