Route Media – Social Media


The Brief

We were approached by Route and asked “how could we improve their social media?”

Route had felt their activity to date wasn’t particularly engaging or reflective of their fun and creative business. Generating new ideas and supporting visual graphics were barriers to progression due to lack of resource and skill base in these areas. 


The Approach 

We took the time to review previous activity and then set out to create content plans inline with how we wanted to reposition Route as a brand across their social media. The key developments were:

  • Moving away from pushing out only sales messages.
  • Creating more “raw” content (think behind the scenes).
  • Developing a suite of Instagram templates and weekly “story” round-ups to visually build a presence across the platform. 


The Results

It’s a numbers game. As the video highlights, even in month one, there was a massive increase in engagement levels across all of their social platforms. Here are a few key stats for the period that was September 2020:

  • Instagram – increase of 3.8k profile impressions and a 2k increase in profile reach.
  • Twitter – 161 page clicks (85 % increase from month prior)
  • Linked In – 115 engagements (89% increase from month prior) 


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