Millrace Marketing – Motion Graphic


The Brief

The 10th October marked 2020’s World Mental Health Day. And what a year for it. 

Working within the marketing and digital industry means we are exposed to high levels of internet consumption and are susceptible to the negative associations of social media usage. This year, with the added anxiety caused by COVID-19 disrupting routines, and keeping friends and families apart, we wanted to create a content piece that resonated with the mood of the nation. 


The Approach

To capture a relatable and honest account of how we manage our own mental health to share across our social media channels – ironic in the context, but with good reason.

Whilst people scrolled through their social media feed, our aim was to capture their attention by reminding them that perfection is unattainable and a “real” world lives outside of their phone. Within the first few seconds of the video, the whole team made individual mistakes – how very “not” social media. We then continued to explain and show how we individually manage our mental health. 

The video ends by reinforcing some key messages:

  • Focus more on the things that matter.
  • Take the time to do what you enjoy.
  • You were born to be real. Not to be perfect.


The Results

A well executed content piece, if we do say so ourselves. A two minute video that equally balances creativity, important messages and a sensitive tone. As always, the proof is in the numbers and this piece generated high levels of engagement within a 24 hour period: 

  • Linked In – 680 views. 72 interactions (comments, shares and likes).
  • Instagram – 297 views. 38 interactions (comments, shares and likes).



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