What Is Digital Video Marketing?


The definition of digital video marketing is very simple, it basically means “using video to market your brand, product or service”. Video marketing can be used anywhere, such as on your website or on your social media platforms.

We’ve all been there, it’s 1am on a Saturday morning. You’ve spent the last three hours down an ever-growing YouTube rabbit hole. You don’t know exactly how you got there, but you do know that you’re ferociously invested in finding out whether this man on your screen can build a pool entirely from scratch. It’s happened to the best of us.

But have you ever stopped to think about why it happens? Why is it so easy to get swept away in a tornado of digital video marketing content? This piece will examine why video motion is so powerful, how it has broken into the marketing industry, and ultimately, how we can utilise that power.

 Here is our four-point guide on what video marketing is and how to use it for marketing:

  1. Why use digital video marketing?
  2. Images have a thousand meanings
  3. Focus on the story
  4. Keep it short and sweet

1. Why Use Digital Video Marketing?

Put simply: digital video marketing is brilliant. We as humans will never not be fascinated by it in its many forms. It demands attention. Captivates a room. Makes people feel obliged to pass around a phone in an office or gather around a desk. It makes us say things like: “sorry, mate, I know you’re busy, but you’ve got to see this.” So, it makes total sense that 54% of consumers want to see more video motion content from brands and businesses they support.

Whether you’re using short, sharp motion graphics or have created 45 minutes of cinematic genius, digital video marketing content is designed to engage. The purpose is for the audience to feel something, and the top dog in the “feels” game has to be the eagerly anticipated annual John Lewis Christmas advert. For most British folk, the video symbolises the beginning of the festive season. For those in the marketing industry, it is the absolute epitome of nailing a campaign.

 2. Images have a Thousand Meanings

It really is no surprise that digital video marketing has stormed through the world of content creation. Images are great and extremely powerful, but video marketing allows you to give your brand personality. With the help of captivating content, showreels can act as a modern-day brochure for your business. Allowing you to show people your brilliant work and knowing that they will also get a sense of why and how you do the work. The days of hoping your brand’s culture and tone would translate are gone. Now, we can show them.

 3. Focus on the Story

As with all content, the way to access that social media sweet spot is to understand your audience and then create content that engages and resonates with them. The key to specifically nailing digital video marketing content is to remember to focus on the story. Simple in theory, more difficult in execution.

The internet is full of sales clutter, and it has become easy to spot content that’s main purpose is to increase revenue. So, what’s the ideal approach?

  • Instead of thinking about the sale, think about the story you’re telling
  • Concentrate on the value you can provide your audience by showing them who you are as a brand 
  • Make it personable and have fun with it
  • Sell an experience, not a product

What people like to see is your brand’s personality, focus on the storytelling and you’ll not only encourage conversations, but you’ll be able to organically boost your brands online visibility.

 4. Keep it Short and Sweet

With internet attention span continuously decreasing, there has been an increase in short-form video messaging between six and fifteen seconds long. In a recent Facebook study, six-second ads delivered an 11% increase in estimated ad recall, a 12% increase in return on ad spend, and a 271% increase in video completion rate over 30-second adsThese stats mean that shorter videos actually allow you to increase your reach and drive toward desired business outcomes.

When we see a great piece of video marketing content, it makes us want to immediately share it – both online and off. It makes us care about people we haven’t met and people we don’t know. Digital video marketing content makes us invest in the project of someone living thousands of miles away. And it has sure earnt its place in the marketing industry.

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