Floodlighting & Electrical – Brand Development


The Brief

To develop the Floodlighting & Electrical’s ‘Step into the light’ tagline into a submark which could be used across promotional and marketing material, and to develop the visual identity of Floodlighting & Electrical.


The Approach

We treated this project as a rebrand. Although we were not making any changes to Floodlighting & Electrical’s logo, the new ‘Step into the light’ submark would appear almost as frequently, across both digital and physical channels. This meant that we would have to consider practical applications and how it may interact with other elements of the brand. We also explored how we could use elements of the existing Floodlighting & Electrical logo across the brand’s new visual identity, in order to develop a familiar icon which the customer base can recognise.


The Results

A simple, clean logo mark for the ‘Step into the light’ tagline, and a visual identity which uses the lamps from the Floodlighting & Electrical logo as a more meaningful, consistent visual. Overall, providing a more modern, relevant brand identity which will translate across social media, business stationary, vehicle wraps, staff uniform etc. 

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