Focus Enterprise Hub – Case Studies


The Brief:  

Focus Newtown Enterprise Hub is an infrastructure set up to support start up and early-stage business owners during the launch of their companies. Offering businesses and SMEs the opportunity to grow their skills through a variety of fully funded workshops, events and courses that provide a range of business services. As well as this, The Hub offers an incubation space that allows businesses to develop their skills in a collaborative and vibrant working environment.  

As The Hub works with a large range of local businesses and entrepreneurs, they wanted to showcase the level of support they have provided through informative and thought-provoking case studies. The Hub called upon Millrace to contact a targeted list of businesses, explore how The Hub supported them, write up the businesses story in an engaging way and to, finally, design it into case study that would be proudly presented on The Hub’s website.  


The Approach  

The Hub wanted to work with a content agency that would resourcefully and intricately take this project through every stage, relying on them to fully understand the intent and working seamlessly to achieve a shared end-goal. We were delighted to land this project with The Hub and to see it through from research phase to the concluding design stage 

The Hub had three key objectives in mind when they launched this project: 

  • To communicate the range of services and support they provide local businesses with  
  • To articulate the broad range of businesses they work with to help them to achieve their goals – extending from bakeries to accountancies 
  • How important an infrastructure like The Hub is in a rural part of Mid-Wales 

Our approach was to begin by contacting each business to set up an introductory call – where the SME owner took us through their business, the type of work they do, how they do it, why they do it and finally, how The Hub has helped them to succeed. Following on from this, we then wrote up our notes into a well-structured, engaging piece of writing, using empathetic language that was targeted towards other entrepreneurs or people looking to start up a business.  

The next stage was to design up a template that the case studies could be dropped into – leveraging The Hub’s existing brand guidelines whilst also dropping in elements of millrace visuals to create a cohesive aesthetic that slotted into their present branding with an added creative flare.  


The Results  

After receiving approval from the business and having the sign-off from The Hub, the case studies will be uploaded to The Hub’s website – intended to offer a detailed and personalised insight into the special work The Hub do currently and can do for other entrepreneurs.  

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