Why Are Blogs Useful?


Why are blogs useful? Well – in a nutshell – blog writing is a useful tool to build awareness whilst providing relevant content to your audience. But there are many more uses to writing regular blog pieces, here are the four main reasons why blogs are useful:

  1. Increase Google ranking (SEO)
  2. Turn consumers into customers
  3. Increase brand awareness
  4. Create opportunities for others to share

1. Increase Google ranking (SEO) 

Fresh and relevant content is a big tick in the ‘SEO box’ for Google, and it happens to be one of the most straightforward and cost-effective ways to obtain this useful tick. Each time you upload a blog, it provides Google with new content to index, and further validates the authenticity of your website. 

Plus, blogs offer the opportunity to insert those all-important keywords your audience are typing into Google, so you’ll more likely capture their attention.

2. Turn Consumers Into Customers

This is one of Millrace’s favourite uses because we like watching our client’s well-thought-out content turn consumers into customers.

Engaging with consumers and customers online is a vital part to online marketing, and writing a blog piece provides the opportunity for businesses to connect in usefulconversational ways. This approach helps build relationships with a target audience, utilising relevant content.

3. Increased Brand Awareness

Don’t tell people you’re awesome, show them. This is our mantra, because that’s exactly what content marketing does. You can show your brand in a way that’s not really possible with direct marketing mechanisms and techniques. Quality, useful blog content will show people your organisation’s personality, what you offer, and the people or organisations you service.

4. Create Opportunities For Others To Share

And finally, blogs are accessible and are easily shared between both consumers and customers. This means that blog writing is useful in creating more web traffic, more social media followings and more word-of-mouth opportunities for you and your business. Free marketing at its finest!


  1. Blogs increase brand awareness
  2. Increase your ranking on Google
  3. Create a higher consumer to customer rate
  4. More opportunities to share

And those are the four main reasons why blogs are useful to your business. Want to find out more? Contact Millrace Marketing about what we do on 02922 801280 or email Hello@millracemarekting.co.uk.

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