Welcome to the Mill: Team Update

From constant mask-wearing to using excessive hand sanitiser, 2020 and 2021 has not been what people expected. For Millrace Marketing, this time has been a period of exceptional growth, and it’s all thanks to the hard work and creativity of the team that started nearly a year ago – how time flies! 

As Millrace moves forward, we thought it was about time we hired some new talent into the Millrace gang to ensure we keep providing everyone with the creative and valuable content they’ve become accustomed to. 

Without further ado, let us introduce to you our new Content and Social Media Executives, Molly and Lois. 


Molly is the social media genius of the team, gaining valuable experience from her BA in Media, Culture and Journalism, and from her studies in MSc Marketing at Cardiff University. 

Molly joined Millrace excited to apply the knowledge from her masters and all things social marketing. Creativity and awareness of trends comes easily to Molly, giving her the natural ability to be able to apply her skills to boost clients’ social media following and create excellent marketing content plans. Molly is also a fluent Welsh speaker who thinks in Welsh… sometimes! And yes, she knows more than just ‘hoffi coffi’. 

If you’re in need of a good coffee recommendation, Molly is the one to go to, not only is she a coffee-addict but with 1 ½ years’ experience as a barista she also provides the office with some fantastic coffee. Molly is also the token vegan of the team, so she knows all the best vegan restaurants in town (yum!). 


Lois is our in-house wordsmith, she achieved her BA in English Literature from Cardiff University, so she’s all about words, whether that’s editing, proof-reading, or creating effective copy. 

During her degree, Lois gained a plethora of skills and experience from a variety of work experience and internships, from editorial to communications to marketing, she has the know-how to produce compelling written work for both websites and social media. Want to know if you have any mistakes in your work? Lois will point out fifteen spelling and grammatical errors that you didn’t even notice you had – she likes to call it ‘detail-orientated’. 

Even in her free time, Lois doesn’t stop writing as she runs her own personal blog and social media, so she knows her way around blogging. When she really wants to relax, Lois likes nothing more than a nice cup of tea and a good book, and if she feels like leaving the house, then she enjoys a good meal (don’t we all!). 

The Team 

The rest of the Millrace team are delighted to welcome Molly and Lois to the family and look forward to working with them here on out! 

The past year has been challenging for everyone – and Millrace has faced these difficulties head on and has continued to produce unique and meaningful content for our clients. With the addition of Molly and Lois to the team, we hope to progress even further and reach new marketing heights, after all – ‘Don’t tell people you’re awesome. Show them’. 

Want to find out more about Millrace MarketingContact us about our services on 02922 801280 or email Hello@millracemarekting.co.uk 

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