Focus Enterprise Hub – Motion Graphic Series


The Brief:  

Focus Newtown Enterprise Hub is an infrastructure set up to support start up and early-stage business owners during the launch of their companies. Offering businesses and SMEs the opportunity to grow their skills through a variety of fully funded workshops, events and courses that provide a range of business services. As well as this, The Hub offers an incubation space that allows businesses to develop their skills in a collaborative and vibrant working environment.  

Be The Spark is a project funded and ran by the Newtown Enterprise Hub, enabling Welsh businesses to access funding, professional support, and to help gain qualifications. A complex ecosystem – we were tasked with making the Be The Spark project digestible, and engaging for small independent business owners around Wales, through a series of themed animated explainer videos.


 The Approach  

Initially, this project was pitched as a brochure, but we knew that would miss the mark. We challenged the brief, and delivered our reasons as to why we thought a motion graphic would be more engaging, more informative, and more practical in attempts to reach as many Welsh businesses as possible.

Given nothing but brand guidelines to work with, we set out on developing a unique illustrative style to pair with an engaging written scripts, which would be informative, yet short enough to retain attention. 


The Results  

Professionally recorded motion graphics and voice overs, which delivers the Be The Spark project in a condensed, understandable manner. Paired with bespoke social media posts to use across Newtown Enterprise Hub’s social media channels, this project lands exactly where it needs to.

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