How Effective Is Video Marketing?


Video marketing is becoming one of the most effective and popular forms of online marketing, with 60% of businesses using at least one type of video marketing in their business strategy.

Although more businesses and marketers are using video marketing, it is often questioned – “how effective is video marketing?” – our guide will show you the top five reasons as to how effective video marketing is to businesses:

  1. Attention-grabbing
  2. Multi-functional
  3. Higher conversion rates
  4. Good for SEO
  5. Builds trust 

1. Attention-grabbing

With the world becoming more and more fast-paced every year we expect our experiences, services, and content to be delivered to us at the same quick pace. Because of this, the average attention span is now only a mere eight seconds, something platforms such as TikTok picked up on and harnessed effectively.

With short attention spans to compete with, video marketing is the most effective and best way to get your message and services across to your consumers. Video condenses the information while showing your products and services in action and also reaching a wider audience compared to other marketing techniques.

2. Multi-functional

Another reason why video marketing is so effective is because of social media, most platforms now support video content, most notably platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Due to video marketing being so versatile it makes video marketing an effective use of investment as you will be able to make content that is suitable for these various platforms and again reach a larger audience, and in return see higher rates of conversion.

3. Higher conversion rates

There are a few reasons why video marketing is so effective at creating higher consumer-to-customer conversion rates, but the two most important ones are the number of mobile users and the accessibility of video content.

Mobile users

Mobile phones are part of our everyday lives now, so it’s no surprise that mobile video consumption rises 100% every year and that 75% of all video plays are on mobile phones too. Therefore, this data implies that video marketing, especially on mobile phones, will produce higher conversion rates than any other form of video marketing.


The other reason why mobile phones increase conversion rates is because of the shareability of video marketing content. 92% of mobile phone users are more likely to share a video after watching it than any other device, therefore, this increases the reach of a video, making the rate of conversion even higher and so rank video marketing as a highly effective strategy.

4. Good for SEO

However, video marketing isn’t just effective on mobile phones! Videos on any device work well, and Google especially likes videos as it can recommend them on their search engine, so videos are effective for building your SEO.

Even if you don’t have a video of your own to upload or embed you can take a relevant video from YouTube (with credit, of course!) – Google owns YouTube, so Google likes to promote all of its own content where possible, and this makes video content vital to SEO.

5. Builds Trust

Finally, video marketing is effective at building trust between you and your audience. Dream Grow says it well: the key to marketing is building a lasting relationship with your audience. At Millrace we don’t hard sell, we believe content is king and that the work should speak for itself – and video marketing is no exception to this.

Through effective video content, your consumers will see your industry knowledge and experience, and this will gain your business trust and credibility while also engaging your audience through fantastic video marketing.

Millrace’s Favourite Types of Video Marketing

Here at Millrace, we recognise that impressive video content will increase brand awareness, present your ideas and notions in a digestible way and provide your audience with a multi-sensory experience of your brand.

Here are some of our favourite and most effective types of video marketing:

1. Explainer videos

These types of marketing videos are usually animated and are most effective in breaking down complex business concepts or for explaining a business’s processes or services.

2. Showreel / portfolio showcase

Videos in this category are typically fast-paced and are an effective and engaging option to show audiences what your business does or what projects you have completed.

3. Behind the scenes

Not just reserved for movies, behind the scenes videos can give an audience an insight into the culture of the business and aid in developing an effective brand identity and personality.

4. Motion graphics / gifs

These video marketing types consist of short motion clips and can be used across a range of social media platforms, such as Instagram, to increase audience engagement and conversion rates.

5. Product demos

Finally, these videos are short tutorials that help customers to understand how a product or services is used and how they can benefit from it.


No need to wonder “how effective is video marketing” because the research and stats speak for themselves. There’s no doubt that video marketing is an effective marketing strategy because:

  1. It grabs the attention of the declining attention span of consumers
  2. It works on most platforms, making it a worthwhile investment
  3. Google likes videos which makes video marketing “good” for SEO
  4. Most consumers watch videos on their phones, meaning videos produce high conversion rates at convenience
  5. Video marketing builds trust and credibility in your industry 

To have a more in-depth knowledge into ‘what is digital video marketing’ check out our blog. Want to find out more about Millrace Marketing? Contact us about what we do on 02922 801280 or email

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