How Organisations Can Communicate Their Green Credentials


Over the last couple of years, it has become almost mandatory for organisations to show their customers and consumers how green their business practices are and how much they do to help the environment.

However, all marketers will relate – an environmental awareness day, week, or month will crop up out of nowhere and there’s a rush to get something out on social media about the organisation’s green credentials. But being green isn’t something that can only be promoted during these awareness days, your organisation’s green credentials can be communicated all year round.

Dedicating time to informing your audience on your sustainability plans all year round will help with conversion rates, but most importantly it’ll raise awareness for a fantastic cause and the growing environmental issues we all face across the world.

But what does the average consumer expect to see from organisations?

Consumer Expectations

Millrace director, Laura, thinks that “The whole world is looking to go greener. Whether that’s by choice or consumer pressure, green is the new black.” And she’s right – in a 2021 study by Deloitte, it was discovered that 1 in 3 participants stopped purchasing from certain brands because of ethical or sustainable concerns raised. Deloitte further found that “sustainability remains a key consideration for consumers in 2021, with 32% of consumers highly engaged with adopting a more sustainable lifestyle.”

So, it’s pretty evident that the number of consumers looking to support green brands is increasing every year. The study also found that 16% of consumers want to go green but think that it would be too expensive to support.

Supporting green businesses and organisations is now very important to some consumers, so much so that if you don’t make your green credentials clear they will take their business elsewhere.

So, when’s best to promote your green credentials?

Earth Day

With Earth Day coming up (April 22nd), now is the perfect time to maximise your content and communicate to your audience your organisations green efforts. But it’s important to remember that although Earth Day presents a useful opportunity to tell your consumers how much paper you saved going digital, and how hybrid working has cut your business’ CO2 emissions, being green is a year-round commitment, not just for a day.

That being said, let’s look at what content you could be creating to highlight your green and sustainable efforts.

Content You Could Be Creating

There are lots of different types of content you could be creating to showcase your green credentials to consumers, whether it’s sticking to your tried and tested strategies or trying something different. Here are some areas you could discuss your eco-friendly actions and practices with your customers and consumers:

Social Media

Of course social media has to be utilised – in 2022, there are 53 million active social media users, which is made up of 78% of the UK population. Therefore, your social media channels are a great way to reach that 32% of consumers that are looking to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. Posting on Earth Day itself is expected, but it’s just as important to plan and post throughout the year so you don’t appear to be “green washing” for the sake of Earth Day likes and interactions.


In a recent article, Krupa Patil reported that in 2020, mailshots were responsible for over 25% of revenue, highlighting the effectiveness of mailshots. You can start your campaign by telling your database about the efforts of your organisation to this date and the plans you have for the future, both in the short and long term.


Next up are infographics, which are a great way to quickly and effectively communicate your message to your audience. This could include several elements, such as stats on how your business has become more sustainable, or new processes that have helped you to become environmentally friendly. Infographics are multifaceted as they can be used in several ways, such as on social media and on your website for content.


Finally, motion is a fun and creative way to promote your green credentials, and it can be as extravagant or short as you like. You could create a short animation or motion graphic to communicate key information that is both digestible, engaging, and to the point. And again, videos are a great form of content as they can be used on both socials and websites and can be utilised all year round.

As you can see, with the right amount of planning your organisation can communicate your green credentials all year round, not just on Earth Day, creating a stronger connection with your customers and consumers as you showcase yourself to be a business that truly cares about being green and sustainable all year round, not just on Earth Day.

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