Why Motion Matters: 5 tips for including motion in your content plan


Social media is a saturated space. Brands and organisations are vying for customers’ attention on the same channels, at the same time. Couple this with attention spans decreasing at alarming rates, and it’s easy to wonder whether your content will ever be seen. 

Adding motion graphics to your social media strategy is a great way to ensure you communicate messages quickly. And they tend to outperform static posts. In fact, as video captures a user’s attention for longer, it performs best with the algorithms of most platforms. 

In research carried out by mention.com, video was a key driver to generate higher engagement rates on Instagram (twice as much compared to image and carousel posts). 

Twitter’s research found that Tweets with video attracted 10x more engagements than Tweets without video.

What are Motion Graphics?

To clarify, these are not your traditional videos, there is no camera work involved. A motion graphic, simply put, is an animated graphic design.

Why should motion graphics be included in your content marketing strategy?

  1. It’s easy to clarify a concept through a motion graphic and you’ll notice that they are often the medium used for explainer videos and in visual learning as a result of this 
  2. With a slick and attractive aesthetic, motion graphics make it easier to grab someone’s attention online 
  3. Motion graphics lend themselves to being more creative and their entertainment value means they make an impression which leads to better engagement and brand awareness 
  4. Motion graphics are easier to edit than more traditional style videos or animation. With the translation of some text, animated graphics can easily be produced in different languages and shared globally 
  5. Motion graphics are one of the most cost and time effective ways to market online. They are easier to create than traditional animations and film videos as they are less complex and can therefore be made within a shorter time frame than camera filming.

If you are looking to introduce motion graphics into your social media strategy and online marketing, but you’re not sure where to start, drop us a line at Millrace Marketing. 

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