business in focus.

Marketing strategy. Case study writing. Graphic design. Video motion graphics.

Focus Enterprise Hub is a Welsh Assembly Government ‘Business In Focus’ infrastructure set up to support start up and early-stage business owners during the growth of their skills through a variety of fully funded workshops, events, and courses that provide a range of business services. As well as this, The Hub offers an incubation space that allows businesses to develop their skills in a collaborative and vibrate working environment.

Millrace were approached to market their services through 30 detailed business case studies and a series of animated explainer videos. The aim of the campaign was to better communicate their offering to businesses through clear and creative content.

Content collating.

Millrace developed and followed a set of project management guidelines to help make the content collating phase as efficient as possible. This included scheduled meetings, shared spreadsheets, and constant communication. 

Following hours of calls with business owners and extensive additional research, we began to write detailed case studies explaining the benefits of a collaborative business ecosystem.


After proofreading and finalising the content, each business case study was individually inserted into a branded template, designed based on guidelines provided by Business In Focus.


Business In Focus offers a range of services to business owners. With a well-connected ecosystem boasting professional, financial, and academic offerings, The Hubs could seem daunting to those looking to further their business ideas. It was Millrace’s job to condense their positioning into a series of digestible animated explainer videos, each covering a different area of The Hub’s offering.

finish in style.

Following extensive research, we were able to write an informative, engaging script detailing the services and benefits of joining a Business In Focus Hub. From that script, a collection of motion graphic scenes were developed in a unique animated style, which when paired with a professionally recorded voice over, delivered a series of informative animated explainer videos, in both English and Welsh spoken language.

To accompany the animated videos, Millrace created a social media campaign explaining ‘the ecosystem’, advertising online and physical events, and showcasing the financial opportunities, all helping to grow Business In Focus online presence and following.

We delivered a campaign that we knew would resonate. Quickly working to understand a complex Welsh Government business ecosystem structure, we were able to digest and translate this directly to a B2B market.