catch the breeze retreats.

Content Planning. Social Media Campaign. Case study writing. Graphic design.

Catch the Breeze Retreats is a luxury holiday letting agency, owned and managed by the industry esteemed Sykes Family. The Sykes family have been letting holiday properties since the 1970s and it’s fair to say “it’s in their blood”.  Today, Catch the Breeze Retreats is about pulling on decades of experience to offer a very unique, prestigious, and unforgettable UK holiday retreat. 

Catch the Breeze Retreats understood the importance of raising their brand and profile in a growing market space, and as part of a wider campaign, they were focussed on creating content that showcased their properties and locations to build long-term relationships with customers.  

Initially, Millrace carried out a research phase, where we scoped the client’s existing website and competitors’ materials to deepen our understanding of the industry, and the direction to take the brand.  

Pulling together our competitor research, our understanding of the different audience sectors, and Catch the Breeze Retreats’ goals, Millrace effectively produced intricate social media content plans and design, engaging blog pieces, and mailshots.  All designed to capture the hearts and minds of their audience, month after month.  

Getting to know the brand.

Building an audience and creating on-going content is a long-term marketing view, so it was important to both Millrace and the Catch the Breeze Retreats team that the objectives and aims were clear from the offset.   

As well as our own desktop research, we spent time with the company founders at one of the beautiful properties to get a real feel for the brand, whilst also experiencing and absorbing the customer journey. Following this, we created brand, tone and language guidelines that are consistently implemented in all activity – with each word and image contributing to the overall brand vision. 

stand out.

Already armed with a bank of professional photography, containing shots of the properties and their stunning surroundings, Catch the Breeze Retreats understood the value of photography in building their brand.  

Although it would have been easy for Millrace to use these images mindlessly throughout the content plan, we experimented with using delicate line-work and typography across the images; something which is not common across the industry. Our aim: to create a uniqueness throughout the brand, while still conforming to the luxurious tone.   

calculated & collaborative.

Continuing to map out monthly content ensures that an online presence is targeted, dynamic, and engaging for their audience.   

To ensure client satisfaction at every point, we collaboratively work with the Catch the Breeze Retreats team to finalise content before scheduling; ensuring our planned activity has time to be carefully considered, creative, and consistent.   

Speaking to the audience.

Creating a concise yet engaging mailshots that combined impressive visuals, with compelling descriptions to capture and translate the essence of the brand. Our tone of voice throughout is elegant and descriptive whilst making sure the copy is condensed and clear.

The design of mailshots for the brand is consistent, creating a coherent visual experience at every user touchpoint.