What is Cultivate?

At Millrace, we highly value creating meaningful content for people and planet. That’s why we’re launching Millrace: Cultivate.

Each quarter, we will be donating our time & resources to one business or organisation who shares our vision of cultivating people & planet. This project aims to provide good causes (and good people) with a little boost of marketing content to help them advance, develop and grow. Budgets and skillsets should be no obstacle in cultivating our world to be a better place.

So what's the deal?

If you know anything about Millrace, you know that we do one thing well: content. We believe that good content can transform an organisation's public perception, and help to eventually convert contacts into customers.

Good content comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, but we've chosen three particular services to offer as part of the Cultivate program.

Animated Explainer Videos

A 30-60 second animated explainer video to further explain/market your organisation, or a particular project/service.

Design Support

Logos, leaflets, business cards and more. We'll evaluate your organisation's current collateral and will work closely with you to decide what can be added/improved.

Social Media Campaign

A social media campaign to help add value in between your regular posting schedule. This can be used to promote your organisation as a whole, or a particular product or service.

Eligibility and applications.

We're looking for somewhat established organisations who would benefit from a boost of marketing content or branding, to assist them in their growth and development. So unfortunately, no start-ups please.

We would really love to hear from organisations that resonate with our values of 'people and planet', so non-profit organisations involved with environmental or mental health causes would tick an extra box!

To apply for Cultivate, please fill out the application form below. If you have any questions about the project or application process, please do feel free to contact us before applying.