Graphic design

visual perfection

At Millrace Marketing, a graphic design agency in Cardiff, we know a key driver in the overall aesthetic of your brand is strong visuals and graphics. We are branding experts that can help you to attract your dream clients through strong visual designs that perfectly suit your brands personality. Whether you are evolving a current brand in Cardiff or creating a brand new one in Cancun, we will help you to home in on what you want to visually convey with the perfect graphic design solution.

As experienced content creators, we pour over the details to help clients strengthen their online brand identity. Utilising colour pallets, typography, brand narratives and illustrations we help organisations achieve an integrated visual experience that resonates with their audiences, whilst supporting offline and online marketing plans.  

Our offerings include all you’d expect from a focused digital marketing agency and social media agency:

Social media templates

Website branding

Brand guidelines

Digital and print design

We relish in the opportunity to help clients achieve a strong brand identity that helps them to stand out.