Hello, we are Millrace Marketing. A content marketing agency in Cardiff, filled to the brim with ideas that get you noticed where it matters most.

We specialise in planning and creating online marketing materials such as videos, blogs, case studies, mailshots, infographics and social media posts designed to engage consumers and help turn them into customers.

Content is at our core

Put simply, we create marketing content that engages, inspires and communicates.

We like to think of ourselves as a creative bunch of people, helping brands stand out in a digital world that has a reputation for over-sharing.  It’s important, vital even, for brands to have a presence, but without strategy led content your online marketing activity slots into a noisy marketplace with little purpose, direction and results. We help clients to rejuvenate their brand’s identity and evolve their style by crafting compelling narratives that open up avenues for growth. Inventive social media support, tailored website, case study & blog piece copy writing, inspiring video marketing content, distinctive graphic design, digital marketing strategies & online marketing plans.


content marketing agency Cardiff


with power

We are all about the final results.

Solving problems and communicating messages with written and visual online marketing campaigns. 

Always rolling-out meaningful content that our clients and team are incredibly proud of, every time. 

content marketing agency Cardiff
content marketing agency Cardiff
content marketing agency Cardiff
content marketing agency Cardiff
content marketing agency Cardiff

Listen to the people

real living wage

A hard days work deserves a fair days pay and we’ve taken the steps to become an official Real Living Wage employer.
We work in a sector briming with talent and enthusiasm. Sadly, some businesses take advantage of this and expect creative minds to work for little pay (or for free), making it difficult for people to earn a living, doing a job they love.

In April 2016 the government introduced a higher minimum wage rate for all staff over 25 years of age inspired by the Living Wage campaign – even calling it the ‘national living wage’. However, this wage is not calculated according to what employees and their families need to live. The Real Living Wage rates are higher because they are independently-calculated based on what people need actually need to get by, survive and thrive.
Millrace has joined the movement and each year we will continue to ensure all our employees are paid honestly.

Find out more information about the Real Living Wage Foundation here:

content marketing agency Cardiff