Meet the team

Laura Aherne


Laura is the creator and brains behind the operation. As someone who claims to be a modest individual, she relishes in writing about herself in the third person when the medium calls for it.

Her career in marketing started at a national accountancy firm. Since then, Laura has worked with public sector, SMEs and charities, and played an active senior role in one of the UK’s largest marketing agencies. Her strong commercial nature teamed with an honest and direct approach are the key ingredients to Millrace Marketing’s success. 

Early in 2020, Laura was appointed as a Board Member for the Chartered Institute of Marketing in Wales and, as a busy Mum of two, she occasionally lowers the spinning plates to indulge in exercise or take long walks with her Labrador, Inca.  

team Cardiff

Ellie Casley

Marketing Executive

Ellie is our content guru and already has an impressive plethora of experience working at marketing agencies responsible for big brands such as BMW and KFC. However, Ellie began her journey into the weird & wonderful world of the media like most do; through a variety of internships that went hand in hand with a couple of months worth of sofa surfing.

Although Ellie is degree educated in Media Communications, she has the unteachable, natural intuition for knowing exactly how to engage with the right audiences through powerful content.

An absolute hybrid of skills, Ellie is made up of 50% visual and 50% written ability, but always 100% ninja on content creation. She also recently discovered that she has the ability to bake the perfect cookie.

team Cardiff

Joseph Hurley

Graphic Designer

As a 2020 graduate, Joseph has a passion for sport, music and solving real-world problems through visual communication.

Fresh out of university, Joseph has a natural grasp of everything graphic design, and basically builds brand identities in his sleep. A creative spark accompanied with a thorough understanding of modern trends, he has the ability to fire designs straight into the limelight. A skill recently showcased by his final university project – which landed him in national press, and led to him being named as one of Wales’ top 10 creative graduates of 2020.

Already well travelled, Joseph likes to annoy his Director by constantly talking about annual leave that he doesn’t even have. Fuelled by adventure, he has just hit the quarter way point of his 100 piece bucket list. 

team Cardiff

Lois Ferns

Content & social media executive

Lois is our in-house wordsmith, she achieved her BA in English Literature from Cardiff University, so she’s all about words, whether that’s editing, proof-reading, or creating effective copy. 

During her degree, Lois gained a plethora of skills and experience from a variety of work experience and internships, from editorial to communications to marketing, she has the know-how to produce compelling written work for both websites and social media. Want to know if you have any mistakes in your work? Lois will point out fifteen spelling and grammatical errors that you didn’t even notice you had – she likes to call it ‘detail-orientated’. 

Even in her free time, Lois doesn’t stop writing as she runs her own personal blog and social media, so show knows her way around blogging. When she really wants to relax, Lois likes nothing more than a nice cup of tea and a good book, and if she feels like leaving the house, then she enjoys a good meal (don’t we all!). 

team Cardiff