Tai Tarian

Values rebrand

Values Rebrand.

Tai Tarian.

Throughout the internal values rebrand, we aimed to create a familiar, yet fresh identity that would resonate with staff, in an aim to embed company values and nurture relationships with employees.

To do this, we incorporated the house element from the main Tai Tarian logo as a central piece of this logomark. We also separated out the circle colours and assigned one to each value which circles around the house shape. We then developed a visual style to represent each value, leading to the use of abstract shapes as brand devices which are also reflective of the company values.

As part of the visual communicating of the Tai Tarian values to staff, we have incorporated three simple brand devices into some of our designs:

Be Bold.

An arrow to denote that Tai Tarian is a bold organisation that’s moving forward and tackling big challenges. Be aspirational and always think big!

Be Kind.

A smile to emphasise that we should always be kind as a guiding principle in working with others.

Be Fair.

A balance / scale to highlight that Tai Tarian will be fair to each other, never exclude others, never show favouritism.  We will always play by the rules.

We have used these abstract shapes to create textured backgrounds across some of the Tai Tarian branded collateral. Below we have visualised how this brand may appear across multiple forms of traditional/marketing collateral, and across our proposed employee 'work from home' toolkit.

We also incorporated a hashtag #TogetherTaiTarian. This can be used by staff to post positive work experiences, regardless of where they are. Social media posts would embody the company values, show employee appreciation and could also be used to attract talent. This all helps promote the brand, builds employee loyalty, nurtures employee advocacy and creates new content.

Traditional/Internal Marketing Collateral

Introduction Leaflet, Newsletter, Hard-Hat, Wall Art, Water Bottle, Posters.

Work From Home Internal Marketing Collateral

Work From Home Box, Content, Video Conference Background, Mug, Plant Pot.