Our team. Our values. Our vision.

We produce meaningful content that drives engagement and builds trust for organisations.

Millrace is a content marketing agency that is built on a passion for creating meaningful content. We’re skillful storytellers, clever creatives, and pragmatic planners working hard to deliver campaigns that speak directly to your audiences. At Millrace, we don’t claim to do everything under the marketing umbrella. We do one thing, and we do it well. 

Organisations trust us to effectively plan and create the content they need, whether that be seasonal social media plans, consistent mailshots, blog posts, video content or graphic design.

our approach.

The beginning is a good place to start.

A creative delivery requires understanding, research, and strategy. We combine our skills and marketing expertise to produce a well mapped-out plan to deliver the most effective content suitable for your audiences.


our values.

Analytical, creative, and driven.

We pride ourselves on fully understanding your campaigns and the people you need to talk to. Using both honesty and integrity in our approach, we are an agency people want to work with and for.